Core Strength Training For Cycling - A Case Study

Young Zack Harrup is a local, very promising track, road and mountain biker whose prodigious work ethic impressed me as soon as I met him. His weekly training program is packed with hours of daily training, school and homework, even sleep was highly regimented! He is highly competitive and has a strong desire to win. I think he could go far.

One of the only issues Zack's coaches had picked up on, was that he tended to bob up and down on the bike and that they felt this was reducing his efficiency. They suggested he work on his core stability but didn't really provide much more information than that. It was a chance encounter with his indefatigable mum, Sarah, that brought him to the clinic with the task of addressing this deficit in his training program.


Following his assessment I picked up significant weaknesses in his glutes and obliques, which were limiting his ability to control his pelvis position on the bike, resulting in reduced ability to express his leg strength. I started Zack on a comprehensive mixture of core stability and functional strength training, with great results - his coaches are reporting a much-reduced tendency to bob up and down on the bike (except for when he's tired) and that he's looking strong. Let's see if he hits any personal bests soon!