Hayfield Physiotherapy & Pilates knows it can help you, but don't just take our word for it, read our satisfied client's testimonials below. 

"The best class ever! Stronger, fitter, stretched. I am eternally grateful for the experience. To think that four years ago I could barely walk - need I say more."  

Heather Robinson, Buxton

"I suffered with chronic neck pain for over a year. I stopped doing all my usual pastimes -running and swimming were too painful which was horrible as I had just done my first triathlon and was hoping to do many more. I'd seen two physio's previously and they had given me the same treatment and stretching exercises... nothing worked. I was beginning to lose hope and feel that my days of running and swimming were over - seems extreme but after a year of being in pain it also seemed real to me.

Then I saw Mikes page on Facebook and decided to give him a call. After one session he told me my neck needed strengthening not stretching, all this time I had been doing the wrong exercises! After four sessions he discharged me and my neck is back to normal!

Mike's advice and treatment has really been life changing. I'm back to my old routines and already signed up for future sporting events. I can't recommend him enough!" 

Elinor D, Birch Vale